After the albums had been completed, Vance and Pockriss finally put together a seven number Cuff Links comprised of Pat Rizzo (sax and flute), Danny Valentine (drums), Rich Dimino (organ), Bob Gill (trumpet, flugelhorn and flute), Dave Lavender (guitar), Andrew 'Junior' Denno (bass), and Joe Cord (lead vocal). Ron Dante, who had signed on for only one album, was leaving to focus his attentions on The Archies and his Kirshner Records solo album (Ron Dante Brings You Up). He stayed long enough to add vocal backgrounds on Run Sally Run, which limped to #76 in April 1970... the last Cuff Links single to hit the Hot 100.

After the name of The Cuff Links was quietly retired, Ron Dante continued his work as a recording artist and producer... branching out into theatrical productions... and publishing.

-- Bill Pitzonka
August, 1997

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Lay A Little Love On Me | When Julie Comes Around
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Sally Ann (You're Such A Pretty Baby)
Run Sally Run